The Return of Camp Hustle

Today is a big day for my team. We’re announcing the return of Camp Hustle.

But first, I want to talk a bit about what is top of mind for me going into the new year. One thing I think deeply about a lot is how can we get a lot more great startups funded.

Part of this answer is through our Hustle Fund pre-seed fund. Part of this answer is through our 1000+ member global angel club called Angel Squad.

But the vast majority of this answer lies in helping more investors — whether they are new VCs or angels — in their journey. We need to help more people jump into the startup-investing game AND become successful.

This effort starts with community — connecting more great budding investors together to level up everyone’s investing through capital, knowledge, and networks.

We started resuming live events last year with Camp Hustle 2022 and we’re back this year to help connect more investors.

My colleague Haley Bryant interviewed Sequoia VC Jess Lee at last year’s Camp Hustle

What is Camp Hustle?

Camp Hustle is an in-person event exclusively for investors. (Now, if you’re a founder, I’ll get to why you may care about this in a minute…hang tight and read on…)

It’s a full day of networking (a lot), talks (a few) and live pitches (with real-time pitch analysis). It’s taking place on May 17, 2023 in the Bay Area.

What’s the point?

We write a lot of free content and throw free online events on startup investing. But I’m also a big believer that attending events where you can meet people to help you level up is life-changing.

The purpose of Camp Hustle is to help you meet other investors.

Why would you want to meet other investors? Well, for starters…

  1. to learn about great companies / improve dealflow
  2. to help your existing portfolio companies by building key connections
  3. to help your own VC fund’s fundraising efforts
  4. to grow your angel investing syndicate
  5. to meet kind, creative, successful investors who love the same things you do

What happens at Camp Hustle?

In addition to structured and unstructured networking opportunities, Camp Hustle will also feature:

  • talks from founders with multi-millions in revenue
  • a Shark Tank-style pitch event
  • small group discussions on hot-button topics
  • ample time to chat with 200 other investors
  • great food (and s’mores)
Shiyan and I kicking off last year’s Camp Hustle

If you’re a founder, do you want to pitch your business at Camp Hustle?

One of the most requested online events that we’ve often done are pitch-feedback events. This year, at Camp Hustle 2023, you can apply to pitch your startup live (by April 15). And if you’re selected, you’ll get to pitch in front of 200 investors and will receive live feedback on your pitch as well.

Let’s get more great startups funded!

I look forward to seeing you at the event. Grab your ticket here and use the code EYLIST to knock down the price. FYI, that discount code expires on Jan 31.

Regardless, I’d love your help in amplifying this so that we can connect more investors to get more great startups funded.

Hope to see you in person at Camp Hustle!

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